Friday, October 18, 2013

Fix it Friday-Paper Pumpkin September kit samples

     Wahoo, You Did It, the last Paper Pumpkin made the way that the directions told me to.  Then, I went online to several different places to see what other ideas were out there.

   I found this great Halloween card idea.  The bullseye did really remind me of a spider web.  Love it.

   The front of the card was but off, and then cut into thirds to make this card.  Clever idea and a great way to get an extra card out of the kit.

    The back of the card but in half used with some of the extra pieces leftover from punching out chevrons. No  waste here.

    Isn't this owl so cute.  His Hoo is made by stamping just the hoo part of the Wahoo stamp.  I think this card is my favorite. I found this card on a really neat website called My Pumpkin Challenge.  Each time a new kit comes out this site poses a challenge for people to enter.  I might try it with the next kit.
Which card do you like the best/

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