Friday, January 11, 2013

Cards from Friends

From Arlene
From Elaine
From Becky
From Kathy
From Anna
From Robin
     Sadly, it is time to put Christmas away.  While I was gathering up cards, projects, and decorations I decided to share with you the rest of the hand made cards I was sent this year.  Each of them was unique in its own way.
  I loved the way Arlene used the technique called stamping off with her trees.
  Elaine put her own twist to a card we made in class, and I love the monochromatic look to the card.
   I must copy the wonderful elf on Becky's card and use it next year.
   The sponging of an accent color on Kathy's tree adds a great touch to her card.
   Anna slipped a current picture of my great neice and nephew under the corner of the ornament on her card.
   Robin used the tri-fold card from My Digital Studio for her card, and on the back is her family's Top 10 for 2012.
     Thank you to everyone who thought of me this year with a handmade card.  I appreciate all the effort and caring that went into the creating and feel priviledged to have received the result of your efforts. Now, on to a new and exciting 2013!

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