Tuesday, January 29, 2013

StampinUp is a wonderful company and here's one reason why

     What could StampinUp be sending me now I wondered?  It had been one of those days where I coughed and coughed and just did not feel good, and I had three meetings to attend.  I decided to open the envelope having no idea what might be inside.

     Inside was this great looking card made from Postage Due, one of my favorite stamp sets from the Big catalog.  But, I still did not get it, it was not my birthday, and I did not have a trip coming up why did I get a handmade card from StampinUp and who sent it?

    Inside was a handwritten note from Rich Jutkins, the president of StampinUp congratulating me on meeting a lifetime sales milestone.  WOW can you believe that!  I was so excited and impressed. It made my day.


  1. Very cool-congratulations!! Hope you're feeling a bit better :)

  2. I think I am starting to round the corner. Thanks for thinking of me. I'll show you the card next time you are at the house. It was so unexpected and exciting.